Rental Policies

Daily Rentals
Daily rentals are for a 24 hour period (except Fridays). If we deliver your forklift at 10am, it is yours to use until 10am the next day. If you require additional time or days, please call us at least 2 hours prior to your scheduled pick-up time. Rental extensions are subject to availability.

Friday Rentals
Single day rentals for Friday, or rentals ending on a Friday, must be ready for pick-up not later than 4:00PM that same day unless special arrangements are made.

Delivery & Pick-up Times
Morning Delivery/Pick-up Window: 9am – 12pm, Monday thru Friday
Afternoon Delivery/Pick-up Window: 1pm – 4pm, Monday thru Friday
Delivery/Pick-up times are approximate and not guaranteed.

Forklift Pick-ups
The forklift is the renters responsibility until equipment has been picked up and must not be left unattended and accessible.

Delivery & Pick-up Overtime Fees
Deliveries that must be made before 9am or after 4pm will require an overtime fee of $25 per hour in addition to any and all other fees. Subject to availability.


  • If you require your equipment be delivered/picked-up at 7am, there will be a $25 x 2 (hours) fee.
  • If you need your equipment to be delivered/picked-up at 8pm, there will be a $25 x 4 (hours) fee.

Delivery Dry Run Fees
If the driver has already left for delivery and we are either called off of the delivery or cannot deliver because no one to sign or turned away at the time of delivery, a dry run fee equal to 2 transportations and one days rent will be charged.

Pick-Up Dry Run Fees
If the driver has already left for pick-up and gets called off the pick-up, cannot pick-up due to non-accessibility or customer refused to release the equipment, a dry run fee equal to 1 transportation will be charged.

Cancellations/Rescheduling/Early Terminations
All cancellations, rescheduling or early terminations require 24 hours advance notice.
A minimum 20% fee for cancellations, rescheduling or early termination will be charged in addition to, or deducted from any refunds due to you.
Business days are Monday – Friday 8AM-5PM. (Excluding holidays)

Rental renewals and/or extensions are subject to availability.

Same Day/Rush Delivery/Third Party Hauling
Rentals that require delivery for the same day or within 24 hrs or if third party hauling is required, will incur a fee equal to 25% of the total delivery charge.

Same Day Pick-Up
Rentals that require pick-up the same day or within 24 hours will incur a fee equal to 25% of the total delivery charge.

All rental fees including transportation to and from location & LP gas (if needed) must be paid in full 1 business day prior to delivery. Equipment is NOT considered “reserved” until all fees are paid in full. Payment methods are cash, company check, credit card or bank transfer. A credit card is required to secure the forklift regardless of payment method.

Warranty & Maintenance
We take care of all normal wear & tare issues as well as regular maintenance. If a problem should occur you must contact us immediately at (305) 836-4337. If needed, we will send out a technician to access the situation and either repair the problem or send for a replacement. Any and all damages that occur due to abuse, misuse, or from over loading will be the responsibility of the renter.

Rentals outside of our service area
Any and all rentals that are outside our service area of Broward, Dade and the upper Keys, does so with the full understanding that ANY AND ALL maintenance, repairs, damages are the sole responsibility of the renter.

The above listed policies and fees can change without notice.