Rent a forklifts by the day, week, or even monthly. We have a wide variety of equipment capacities from 3,000 pounds to 15,000 pounds. We have equipment with cushion tires for warehouse use and pneumatic tires for uneven pavement (concrete or asphalt).

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Upgrade Forks to 60″ – 72″
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Extended Fork Charges
$15 per day Retooling Fee: $30
$60 per week Retooling Fee: $15
$120 per month Retooling Fee: Waived
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Rental Policies

Cushion Tires (Indoor)
Triple Stage Mast

Propane Powered

3k-5k Lbs

6k-8k Lbs

12,000 Lbs

13,000 Lbs

FORK DETAILS 3k = 36″ – 42″
5k = 42″ – 48″
6k = 42″ – 48″
8k = 60″ – 72″
70″ – 84″ 96″
5,000 Lb Specialty Forklifts
Quad Mast (20′)

Truckers Mast

Cushion Tires (Indoors)

Propane Powered

FORK DETAILS 5k Quad = 42″ – 48″           Truckers Mast = 77.5″ Overall Height
Pneumatic Tires (Outdoor)
Triple Stage Mast

Propane Powered

5,000 Lbs

6,000 Lbs

8,000 Lbs

10,000 Lbs

15,000 Lbs

FORK DETAILS 42″ – 48″ 54″ – 60″ 60″ – 72″ 72″ 96″

Warranty & Maintenance

Don’t worry about maintenance costs! We’ve got you covered! We take care of all normal wear & tare issues as well as regular maintenance. You can’t go wrong with us.